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San Diego Chargers and Fantasy Football

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With the San Diego Chargers leading many statistical categories on the offensive and defensive side of the ball, you would have to believe that they have been producing some of the stars of fantasy football in 2010. Especially since fantasy football cares not about records or special teams. Let's take a look at how some of the bigger names on the team have been doing this season for their fantasy football owners.

Philip Rivers

As could've been predicted, Philip Rivers is the QB of my fantasy football team in the BFTB league on He's been one of a handful of players that has kept my team afloat (Darren McFadden, Adrian Peterson and Reggie Wayne are the others). Rivers has totaled 153 points in our league this season, tying him for tops amongst QBs with Aaron Rodgers. His 21.9 point average makes him the 5th best QB behind Ryan Fitzpatrick (free agent!), Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick.

This Week: El Capitan will face off against a very good Tennessee Titan defense, which has allowed 12.71 points per game to opposing QBs (6th best).

Antonio Gates

Antonio's on pace to have a record-breaking season for TEs, and that's been reflected in his fantasy points. With 99 total points for the season he is the clear-cut #1 fantasy TE in the league, Zach Miller is in 2nd with 66 points for the season. In terms of average, Gates is still setting the gold standard with 14.1 points per game. Dustin Kellar is second with 10.2.

This Week: The Titans are not much easier for TEs to go up against than they are QBs. As a matter of fact, Gates (who is still battling injury) will be going up against the 5th best defense in terms of shutting down TEs for fantasy points. On average, they are giving up just 4.57 points per week to opposing TEs.


Mike Tolbert

Due to the fact that he's collected all but one of the Chargers 7 rushing TDs this season, Tolbert has been a good pickup for many fantasy football players. His 65 points for the season make him the 18th most valuable fantasy RB this year, however he is just 25th in terms of average points per game (9.3).

This Week: Tolbert has seen the majority of his points come in the two Chargers' victories this season, which is not surprising. Even though the Titans are the 4th best D at stopping opposing RBs, giving up just 12.29 fantasy points per game, Tolbert will probably escape with good numbers and a TD or two if the Chargers can build an early lead.


Malcom Floyd

Contrary to what many people thought, Malcom has had no problem sliding into the #1 WR role and matching points with the other top receivers around the league. After starting 2009 as the team's #3 WR, Malcom is still a relatively unknown commodity in the league and was a steal for many who knew of him during their 2010 fantasy drafts. His 66 points for the season makes him the 11th best fantasy WR in that category, and he is currently 12th in terms of average points per game.

This Week: It looks as though Malcom will miss his second straight game due to injury, so if he's on your team you might want to consider picking up Patrick Crayton as a temporary replacement.


Nate Kaeding

Nate has not had as many FG opportunities this year as he's had in years passed due to more drives being fumbled away and/or the team putting itself out of FG range with silly penalties. He is currently ranked 27th for fantasy points this season by a Kicker, and is 28th in terms of average points per game.

This Week: Just like Floyd, it sounds like Nate might miss a second straight week. If you cannot find a decent temporary replacement elsewhere, you could pick up Kris Brown and hope that the Chargers offense starts finishing a few of those turnover-drives with FGs instead.


Chargers Defense

One of the bright spots on the team this season has been the consistent play of the defense, which has kept the team in every game even when the Special Teams and offense were trying to give it away. In the BFTB league, defenses are given points depending on yards allowed, points allowed, turnovers and sacks. The Chargers defense ranks 4th in accumulated fantasy points for the season, with 99, and 6th in terms of fantasy points per week with 14.1.

This Week: The Titans, being the well-rounded team that they are, are tough on defenses in the fantasy world as well. They are the 7th worst team for your fantasy defense to be going up against, with fantasy defenses scoring just 6.71 points per week against the Tennessee offense. In a nutshell, that means that the Titans don't make many mistakes and tend to get a fair amount of yards and points per game. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts relating to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.