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Open Thread: Patriots at Chargers, 2nd Half

Good News: The Chargers defense is for real! Antwan Barnes is a tremendous pass-rusher (where does AJ Smith find these guys?), Ron Rivera is calling a great game and the Patriots have struggled to get anything going again the Chargers.

Bad News: The Chargers offense has been below-average because of mistakes made my inexperienced players (Kris Wilson, Ryan Mathews, Richard Goodman).

Good News: The Chargers are only down by 10 points after turning the ball over 4 times, giving them a decent shot at a comeback in the second half.

Bad News: The offense looks like it really misses Malcom Floyd, Legedu Naanee and Antonio Gates (who is essentially playing slot WR today, with Kris Wilson handling all of the TE blocking responsibilities, and has zero catches). 

Good News: The offensive line is giving Philip Rivers lots of time to throw the ball.

Bad News: The Chargers are playing against the Patriots and themselves.