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Open Thread: Early Games

Here's j-man's AFC West breakdown for Week 7:

Kansas City Chiefs: They are 3-2, but should be 4-1. They were jobbed in Houston on a Pass Intereference call against Brandon Flowers. Their remaining schedule will keep them in the hunt for the division, as well their improved defense. I really like their young Secondary. If they find a way to lose to the Jaguars this week, and the Chargers pull out a victory against the Patriots, San Diego should be very hopeful about it's playoff chances.

San Diego Chargers: I watched the Rams game last week and I honestly don't see much difference between this Chargers team or the Chargers teams of the last 4 years. There are multiple bad things going on with this team, such as Special Teams. I watched Kris Brown in Houston and, while he's talented, he's very streaky.

This upcoming 5 game stretch will determine the outcome of the season for Chargers fans. I think the Chargers players think that they can turn it on any time they want and win the division, as they've done, but that's a very dangerous game to play.

Denver Broncos: I could go on a rant, but 2-4 is about right so far for us. The bad news for Charger fans is two-fold. For one, the Broncos have an easier remaining schedule than the Chargers...although I'm sure other teams are looking at the Broncos like they're an easy win on the schedule. Secondly, IF the Broncos can play the rest of the season like they did last week against the New York Jets they will end the season somewhere around 10-6 (although 9-7 is more likely).

Oakland Raiders: They do not have the offense to put up a lot of points. They want to overpower their opponents but don't have the line to do it. They don't know who their starting QB is going to be from week to week. Anybody can run on them, as well. They are a Jekyll and Hyde team, and their season is over even if they beat the Broncos today because they do not play hard every week.



Enjoy the games, everybody! Keep the conversation going in the comments section below.