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Vincent Jackson to Report to Chargers Next Friday, October 29

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According to Vincent Jackson's agent, the disgruntled star Wide Receiver for the Chargers will report to the team next Friday, ending his holdout.

Jackson's agent tells Mike Florio at ProFootballTalk that Vincent has made the decision to finally show up for work next week because he wants to be able to accrue a season's-worth of credit.  This will allow him to hit the market in 2011 as an Unrestricted Free Agent.  If he had reported any later, he would have been under the Chargers' control again next season as a Restricted Free Agent.

Even after he returns next Friday, Vincent will have to sit out three games because he is on the Roster-Exempt list.  This will make him first eligible to play on November 28th, in Indianapolis against the Colts.

Fans and players alike will be happy to see Jackson return to the team.

Even though fellow-disgruntled player Marcus McNeill got a contract extension shortly after signing his tender, don't expect the same to happen with Vincent Jackson.  The team has made it very clear he is not in their future plans.