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Serious Business: 10/19 San Diego Chargers Links

Chargers a difficult team to stomach - Chad Millman (ESPN Insider)
"You have to look beyond the traditional offensive and defensive stats in order to handicap the Chargers," Bryan Leonard, a professional handicapper for, said. "San Diego has played the weakest schedule in the league. We will venture to say that Kansas City, Jacksonville, Seattle, Arizona, Oakland and St Louis will all be sitting on the sidelines come playoff time. The Chargers continue to make mistakes that keep themselves out of the end zone. Turnovers and penalties have killed this team."

Sproles' learning to let it come - Kevin Acee
Sunday in St. Louis was not Darren Sproles' biggest day statistically this season, but it was his best.

Chargers Continue To Struggle On The Road
Here we are again: another Monday morning, another dreadful performance on the road by the San Diego Chargers to think about after the Bolts (2-4) fell to the St. Louis Rams (3-3) 20-17 on Sunday afternoon.

Monday Musings: Norv’s Going Nowhere
And while the cry of "Fire Norv!" will be heard from every sports talk radio caller and website commenter from hither to yon today, it’s not going to happen.

Podcast: Chargers Have Real Problems
Head coach Norv Turner said this was his "best" Chargers team.  Does that mean Norv is doing his worst job as head coach?  And how good are the Chargers, really?