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Pacstud's O-Line Analysis: Raiders

While this performance was certainly better than that in Seattle, the results were similar.  Special Teams let downs and critical fumbles spelled disaster for the San Diego Chargers

The pass protection was very good.  However, one key 1st quarter sack given up by Dombrowski was not only in the red zone, but resulted in a strip and turnover.  Dombrowski did not have a good game and may be feeling the pressure of McNeill on the sidelines.  I still have high hopes for this kid's future as either a guard or a tackle, but he definitely needs more time on the vine to develop his consistency.  Don't be fooled though, he has all the tools to be successful.

We ran more play action then we have all year, and it worked.  While Dielman struggled with Seymour at times, it would be fair to say he handled Seymour as well as possible.  So often the case, Dielman grades lower due to his extreme degree of difficulty.  He is asked to pull, go one on one, get speedy linebackers and more...and he does so much more than any of our linemen.  He definitely had some gaffes, but I thought played well.

Green was not great, but played his best game as a pro.  You can take that for what it is worth.  Clary was very solid and I did not notice him very often (which is good when grading offensive linemen).  Hardwick was also good, as to be expected against an even front.

Follow the link after the jump for a complete analysis with a diagram breaking down the Iso play that scored Tolbert's touchdown!