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More Details Emerging on Marcus McNeill's Contract Extension

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So what do we already know?  We know the Chargers and Marcus McNeill are hammering out the details on a new contract extension.  The new deal will lock him up with the team through the 2015 season, and this new contract wlll pay him handsomely.

The final deal has not been announced yet, it appears there are still some language issues in the contract that are being worked out.  However, it is expected the deal will be finalized after practice.

Financial details are trickling out though, and we are being told his new contract will be worth $48.5 million, with $24.5 million in guaranteed money.  Specific details aren't known yet, but if McNeill plays out his entire contract, he's looking to earn $9.7 million a year; not too shabby.

As far as if he starts this Sunday against the Rams, the team's official word is, "you won't know until Sunday morning."  Norv has said, and I'm paraphrasing here, "whoever lines up at Left Tackle at the start of the game is the starter. We won't make that decision until Friday or Saturday."

Looks like this particular drama is finally, almost, behind us.