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"What It Do, Legedu?" - Week 6

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Welcome to another edition of "What It Do, Legedu?" with Legedu Naanee. Unfortunately, it was another down week stat-wise for #11. He finished the game with zero catches and one rushing attempt for zero yards before injuring his hamstring. I asked him about his hamstring, what went wrong in Oakland, and what we can expect this Sunday in St. Louis.

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What's your injury? How bad is it? Is this your first major injury since getting to the NFL?

It's my hamstring. I have had some treatment on it this week. I plan to play this week. I wouldn't really call this a major injury. I don't plan on missing time, and if I do, it will be a game or two. I have been fortunate thus far in my career.


Do you think being 2-0 at home and 0-3 on the road means anything at this point?

I think we should be a 5-0. We have let those first few games slip away on mental mistakes. We were in a position similar to this last year, and we need to pull it together as a team and put some wins together.

You were a guy who spent your first few seasons making big contributions on special teams, and you've been out there more than most #2 WRs this year, what would you say the problems are?

I still do play occasionally on kickoff. As you guys can obviously see, we have not been good. We are making some changes this week, but it all boils down to ones assignment. Although we all want to make plays, we have to be disciplined in what we do.


What did the Raiders defense to differently against the Chargers than what they had been doing earlier this season?

Offensively we had over 500 yards. I don't think their defense did a whole lot different, but we just did not capitalize when we needed to.


Tell us what you know about the St. Louis Rams and their defensive secondary heading into next week.

The St. Louis defense is better than the score indicated last week. They have won some games this year, and their defense is a key reason. I know their d-line is able to get to the qb, and they have some solid corners. I also know, Detroit exploited some of their weaknesses, and we will look to do the same.