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Chargers Lose to the Raiders 35-27, Are Pretenders

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I have completely lost my faith in the San Diego Chargers coaching staff after this game.

Steve Crosby should be fired for two blocked punts on a unit that he knew was under scrutiny already.

Norv Turner brought to Oakland an unprepared, unmotivated team and called a terrible offensive game. Simply put, if he doesn't call an outside run with Mike Tolbert and force Antonio Gates into a holding penalty, the Chargers run out the clock and win the game. RUN UP THE MIDDLE, especially when Tolbert was having such a bad day running outside. And no, not another draw up the middle with Darren Sproles. Please. That play doesn't work.

Ron Rivera is an awful defensive coordinator. I'm pretty sure he's either blind or slow. Everyone in the world could see that giving Jason Campbell all day to throw in a clean pocket was a bad idea, but did Ron call up any blitzes? No, and by contrast the Raiders win the game because they go all out and blitz Rivers on every play....creating turnovers.

This is a finesse team with horrible coaching. The players are good, but not tough (especially on the lines), which is why they can never play the Raiders well. The coaches are talented are drawing up plays, but terrible at calling them. Simply put, unless something drastically changes in the next few weeks, this team is going nowhere. Not with this coaching staff.

0:20 remaining in the 4th 1 2 3 4 Total
San Diego Chargers 0 17 7 3 27
Oakland Raiders 12 3 7 13 35

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