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OT: Chargers at Raiders, 1st Half (and j-man's Final Word)

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A little late, but here's j-man's "Final Word" for Week 5:

Guys, this might sound weird but Chargers fans and Broncos fan have to ban together and root against the Chiefs. If they keep winning, we will all be sitting at home in January.


  • They are 3-0, but the big question is can Matt Cassel take the next step?
  • They have an underrated defensive this season, and I think KC can be an 8-win team.
  • Everyone is giving Todd Haley credit, and they should, but I don't think they've answered the question of whether they're a flash in the pan or real just yet. We will find out.


  • Must win game against Oakland this week.
  • Antonio Gates has been a monster this season.
  • The key for SD is better special teams play.
  • If Shaun Phillips is blocked, who rushes the passer?
  • The Chargers do not miss Vincent Jackson because Philip Rivers is just that good. I watched him play at NC State. He was incredibly accurate, but they kept changing Offensive Coordinators.
  • The key for the Chargers, as it is every year lately, is to get on a roll with a few wins in a row.
  • I know you guys hate Denver and it's totally cool. You have to root against the Broncos for the next two games, because other than the 2 games with the Chargers and the Texans at home Denver should be favored in the other 7 games.
  • Kyle Orton is playing out of his mind right now.
  • Yes, Denver should lose these next 2 games, but a lot of experts thought they would lose last week.
  • The key for the Broncos is to get the running game going.
  • They have talent, but weak coaching has led to a team that doesn't believe in themselves. When someone makes a mistake they seem to get a "Here we go again" attitude.
  • They remind me of the 90s Phoenix Cardinals.
  • I could go on and on about the Offensive Line trouble, but it's not their only problem. They have no playmaking WRs, a journeyman QB and a head coach who was 5-29 at the University of Idaho.
  • In short, the longer Al Davis lives the more the Raiders will decay.