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I almost forgot to do an early games open thread. Oh, me.

Here's some good games to watch while you put on your war paint and get ready for the Chargers/Raiders game:

  • Giants at Texans - Take the Texans. A good friend of mine is a Giants fan who tells me the secret to the team's success this year is "They only play well when I'm not watching them." He flew to Houston yesterday and will be attending the game, but assures me he will spend the entire game in the concourse. I'm not buying it. He's going to sink NY's chances.
  • Broncos at Ravens - I really hope Baltimore just steamrolls the Broncos.
  • Chiefs at Colts - The Colts are starting a guy they signed off the street on Tuesday at Safety. They may have some issues at the Safety position.
  • Packers at Redskins - Go Ryan Torain! Make me look brilliant for signing you last week! P.S. I'm really glad you're not on the Broncos anymore.