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Serious Business: 1/9 Chargers Links

HOF 2010: Don Coryell - Chase Stuart - Pro Football Reference
It really is a joke that Coryell isn't in the Hall of Fame.

Coryell among 15 Hall of Fame finalists - Chris Jenkins -
Don Coryell just took a giant step closer to a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, advancing to the final round of 15 nominees for the first time, it was announced Friday.

2009 AFC Wild Card Preview - Bill Barnwell - Football Outsiders
FO's breakdown of the AFC Wild Card matchups reveals the Jets' secret to success on offense against the Bengals and explains how the Pats losing Wes Welker could unlock the Ravens' defense.

Floyd adds another dimension - Casey Pearce -
Like Jackson, Floyd averaged 17.2 yards per catch. Among players with at least 45 catches this season, Jackson and Floyd were tied for second in the NFL in yards per catch, trailing only Philadelphia’s Desean Jackson.

Chargers full of unsung heroes - Casey Pearce -
At the end of every NFL season, it’s easy for teams to identify a player or two who has risen above expectation and made major contributions to the team’s success. The Chargers can point to more than a dozen players who fit that bill in 2009.

"Kaeding Player of the Week" by Bolts Blog
Kaeding has made 20 straight field goals and made 32 of his 35 tries this season, a .914 success rate that is best in Chargers' history. Kaeding has made an NFL-record 69 straight field goals from 40 yards or less.

Chargers’ Runyan a genial giant — off the field - Chris Jenkins -
"Biggest guy I’ve seen here — not just tall, but wide," said McNeill yesterday. "Mountain of a man."

Bolts’ FB duo shares it well - Chris Jenkins -
Combined, Tolbert and Hester could be considered the embodiment of what worked for the Chargers in 2009. All season, when it’s come to individual positions, more than one guy was doing the job and getting it done.

CHARGERS NOTES: Minimizing mistakes pays off for Bolts
There are several theories about why the Chargers played so well this regular season. The Chargers have won in so many different ways and received contributions from so many different players that it's hard to identify an exact cause and effect. One factor that can't be overlooked or understated: The Chargers don't beat themselves.