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Show Me Your Lightning Bolt: 1/8 Chargers Links

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Norv Turner wins USA TODAY's NFL Coach of the Year Award
Four months after saying his Chargers weren't as good as fans thought they would be, San Diego coach Norv Turner has won USA TODAY's NFL Coach of the Year award.

SB Nation's NFL Regular Season Studs And Duds Award Spectacular - SB Nation

Top 10 Erroneous Columns of 2009 - 1. Chargers Won't Make the Playoffs
While some hardened scientists may look at the real numbers and say the Chargers haven't been eliminated from the playoffs, those sitting at the rational table should believe they have. Winning the AFC West is out. They're 3½ games behind Denver now, and the Broncos, improbable as it seemed just weeks ago, are better than they are. And I've seen nothing to tell me the Chargers are smart enough, good enough, physical enough and coached enough to even think of contending for a wild-card spot.

Pad Squad Amanda is now in 2nd place! - Gaslamp Ball
In the last 10 days, with help from Bolts from the Blue we've moved Amanda from 7th place up to 2nd place.   Why do we selflessly help make other people's dreams come true?  Because it's what we do here.