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State of the AFC West Week 17

The Chargers are resting up and keeping in shape while waiting to find out who they will play in the divisional round of the playoffs. The rest of the teams in the division have been eliminated from the playoffs and are likely playing golf and taking vacations. Jamarcus Russell is already in Vegas doing whatever it is Jamarcus Russell does in Vegas.

I will be doing periodic AFC West updates over the playoffs and off season to report on big news, but for now I'd like to do some coaching change predictions. Norv Turner is a top candidate for Coach of the Year honors and is at the top of the class in ESPN's coach approval ratings. Norv is expected to have his contract extended very soon, so we don't have to talk about him.

Todd Haley (Chiefs): Well speaking of big news, Charlie Weis is set to become the new offensive coordinator of the Chiefs. Although the Chiefs didn't show any improvement this season under coach Haley, it is hard to fault him for their lack of success. They need players are almost every position and Jamaal Charles is arguable their only good player. Considering Haley was Scott Pioli's hire there is almost zero chance of him being fired this off-season. Considering that he worked together with Weis on the Jets, it seems Haley is most definitely part of the future of the Chiefs. Chance of being fired: <1%

Josh McDaniels (Broncos): McDaniels came into a turbulent situation similar to the Chiefs as a coach coming to a franchise that was used to winning and firing their long-term coach. Although the Broncos were not expected to be as bad as the Chiefs, they were not expected to be a playoff caliber team either. However, there was enough talent on the roster led by then Pro-Bowl QB Jay Cutler. Josh has started and ended his first season as head coach with controversy. Beginning with the Cutler/Marshall drama with ended in the Broncos acquiring Kyle Orton and ending with another Broncos meltdown and the benching of Brandon Marshall in the last game of the season. Team owner Pat Bowlen has publicly stated that Josh will be back for next season and it seems doubtful that he would be fired after only one season, but stranger things have happened. Already players like TE Tony Scheffler have indicated the desire to be out of Denver and McDaniel's personality lends itself to controversy. He is not a popular figure in Denver right now. Chance of being fired: 5%

Tom Cable (Raiders): This one is the hardest to pick because there is no rhyme or reason to the way Al Davis thinks. Coach Cable can hardly be blamed for the years of poor drafts and terrible decisions make by Davis and the front office, and I think there is a good case to be made than Cable has done an excellent job working with what he has been given. I actually think that if the Raiders had a decent QB they are a playoff caliber team. On the other hand, coach Cable punched out another coach and Al Davis is about as rational as a senile, crazy old man. The thing here is that the players actually support Cable unlike that coach in Denver. Unfortunately for coach Cable is that he is not under contract and Al Davis is a loon. Tom thinks he is coming back, although other sources say that he is gone. Chance of being fired: 65%