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Serious Business: 1/7 Chargers Links

Twitter / Adam Schefter
It's likely to be a New England reunion: Now that Charlie Weis has agreed to work in Kansas City, Romeo Crennel will not be far behind.

Trent Dilfer breaks down the playoff quarterbacks - ESPN
Watching Rivers reminds me of the time I spent breaking down Dan Marino's film way back when. The constant seven-step drops, climbing in the pocket, delivering the ball with people in his face, putting relentless pressure on a defense, the hyper-aggressive mentality, the demonstrative behavior … put a No. 13 on his chest and you'd swear it was Marino out there.

In the end, Denver didn't make progress - Bill Williamson - ESPN
The Denver Broncos handled one thing right after their Week 7 bye and it came in the moments after their tumultuous season ended Sunday. They were crushed. And they should be.

Jeffri Chadiha makes 10 NFL playoff predictions - ESPN
5. Norv Turner will not keep the San Diego Chargers from winning the Super Bowl: As easy as it is to still question Turner's coaching skills, what can't be disputed is the job he's done with this team. Even though there are teams with better records, the Chargers are clearly the hottest squad in the league. They start fast. They make explosive plays. And their defense -- which had been a weakness early in the season -- has become a strength despite the absence of stud nose tackle Jamal Williams. The only thing this team can't do consistently is run the football, but that won't matter. After winning 11 straight games heading into the postseason, it's hard to see the Chargers losing again this year

2009 NFL Next-Level Awards
Cool Under Pressure: Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers Best QB versus added pass pressure

Bill Barnwell: Metric analysis of 2009 regular season
Gates set the single-season tight end DYAR record in 2009, only a year after he seemed a shell of his former self thanks to multiple injuries. He'd finish seventh on the wide receiver charts, behind the five players mentioned above and Reggie Wayne. Gates has four of the top 10 tight end seasons in DYAR history (since 1994).

09 AFC Team Wrap - Bill Williamson - ESPN
The Chargers invested more than $12 million in running backs LaDainian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles. Still, San Diego had one of the worst running attacks in the NFL. Tomlinson, 30, had the lowest rushing total of his nine-season career, and didn’t have a 100-yard rushing game all season.

Rick Reilly: What does Norv Turner have to do to get some respect around here?
He's won three AFC West titles in his three seasons, has won every game he's coached in December and has the longest winning streak in the league at 11 (including wins over Dallas, Philly, Cincy, the Giants and Denver). Yet you never hear so much as a cough about him for Coach of the Year.

Redskins to look more like rats -
Mike Shanahan will remake the Redskins in his own image

Breaking Down The Possible Super Bowl Showdowns - SB Nation
The You Know It's Coming Bowl (Chargers vs. Cowboys)* - Records aside, they're the two hottest teams in football. Sorry Saints, Colts & Vikes. Learn when to peak. *Also the The Apocalypse Is Upon Us Bowl (Chargers vs. Cowboys) - Norv Turner vs. Wade Phillips in a Super Bowl. Pretty sure the Mayans meant for this to occur in 2012.

Los Angeles announces intentions to poach the Jaguars or Bills - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
It sounds like the Chargers have become secondary choices for the group in Los Angeles that's looking to bring a team in to fill their soon-to-be-built stadium. The Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars are at the top of their list as the two likeliest teams to move.