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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #49

Only four players have ever worn #49 in Charger history… and NONE since 1984!  I can’t honestly say that one player stands out above the others.  More like one nudges out the others.

The "Nudge"

Jimmy Warren, DB

Jimmy_warren_mediumThis is about the only decent image of Warren I could find, and it’s not even of him with the Chargers!  And he’s sideways!  Isn't 49 just crazy?!


Warren played a total of 2 seasons for the AFL Chargers (post championship) and, as a starting corner, had a couple of pretty decent years.  He collected 7 interceptions in that time, and had a nice kick return average of over 27 yards.  But for some reason, the Chargers had enough of him and sent him to Miami in 1966 – where he became an AFL All-Star!  (And even had a few good years with the Raiders of the early 70s.)

Those Nudged

Ken Dyer, WR

Rick Eber, WR

Andre Young, S