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The Last Word with j-man

Hey SD fans, j-man here.  Here are my AFC West thoughts for the end of the regular season:

San Diego - Right now, the Chargers are the best team in football. They played well against Washington with their backups, showing that this team is loaded for a deep run. They have a quick strike offense and they do not make many mistakes. I feel like this is a team of destiny.   

Denver - Denver is the new Dallas. It's a serious problem when you're getting blown out by the Chiefs at home. This team could be 11-5 or 5-11 in 2010. The Broncos have to upgrade in o-line, d-line and focus on stopping the run. I also believe Denver needs a new training staff. In short, the Broncos are a .500 team.

Oakland - This is a team that needs a QB  in the worst way. The Raiders also make too many mistakes to win on a consistent basis. They have a thin margin for error and it's obvious that they don't know how to win. With a legitimate QB, the Raiders can win 9-10 games next year.

Kansas City - The Chiefs played a great game on Sunday, but they still a long way to go against a Denver team that quit in my opinion. They have a franchise RB (Jamaal Charles), and a decent QB (Matt Cassel). KC needs  help everywhere else, with the exception of Kicker and Punter (where they're excellent). They don't get any pressure on opposing QBs. In 2009, the Chiefs needed their their opponents to beat themselves to have a chance of winning. However, with a little luck KC can win 6-7 games in 2010.