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Show Me Your Lightning Bolt: 1/6 Chargers Links

He’s got Chargers going all the way - Kevin Acee -
Chargers beat writer Kevin Acee predicted before the season that the Chargers would beat the Minnesota Vikings in the Super Bowl. So, for all his lousy prognostications, he’s still alive there. Of course, the last time two No. 2 seeds met in the Super Bowl was … never. But in his never-ending quest to say "I told you so," he is sticking with the Chargers-Vikings matchup in Miami.

Chargers Report: Jan. 5

Acee's weekly video series are all worth watching.

Turner, Smith find reputations reborn after early scorn - Nick Canepa -
[B]y Oct. 20, Norv Turner and A.J. Smith were found guilty by the splinter group of Chargers fans that by mob rule had prepared the tar and feathers and exit visas. It was nasty.

Playoff seasoned -
In recent years, the Chargers have enjoyed regular-season brilliance, but have fallen short of the ultimate goal.

Nick Hardwick on feeling good, maturity of team & Rivers/Norv relationship (mp3)