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Serious Business: 1/4 Chargers Links

Chargers' perfect ending - Chris Jenkins -
What was proven, however, was that one team’s backups and even third-teamers can beat another hapless franchise’s starters.

Buster Davis Postgame Interview
6 catches, 52 yards...Buster Davis? Believe it! After being inactive for 16 weeks, Davis was very much relieved to have the opportunity to contribute to a Chargers victory. Buster spoke 1-on-1 with 619 Sports after a 23-20 comeback win over the Redskins:

Chargers Postgame: Best Case Scenario
Craig and Chris are at the Q to break down a 23-20 win over the Redskins:

In the NFL Playoffs, Don't Underestimate the Power of Momentum -
Since the 16-game schedule started in 1978, 61 teams have entered the playoffs having lost three or more of their final five games. Only one of those teams, the 2006 Indianapolis Colts, won the Super Bowl. Blogs " Blog Archive Patriots fear Welker’s injury is severe "
Welker's injury could have a huge impact on the Patriots' chances in the playoffs.

Norv can prep at his own pace - Tim Sullivan -
In preparing for three possible playoff opponents, the Chargers’ head coach will spend his bye week focused first on internal improvement, second on common traits of potential foes and then on whatever weirdness he finds on film.

Healthy Davis working his way back - Kevin Acee -
Buster Davis has had some fits and starts to his career, and he waited for what to a 24-year-old seemed like an eternity to get back into the lineup.

No denying this team is loaded - Kevin Acee -
Back in August, a writer picked the Chargers to win the Super Bowl based not only on the belief that the team was abundantly talented but on the observation they seemed to have grown into themselves, having a number of players in their prime who had grown up in the league together.

Plenty in reserves - Kevin Acee -
In the end, it was a perfect ending.

See it Star: Philip Rivers
A video worth watching.