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Senior Moments: Wrap Up Edition

Practices are finished. The game is done. And there are still so many thoughts on these guys trapped in my head. The only way to rectify that is to blog about it. There's no information in this post from professional sources. There's no stats either. Just one man's thoughts on a bunch of players who've used up their college eligibility. There is one other obvious theme to it all though. All my thoughts revolve around whether or not the Chargers should draft a guy. So, read the ramblings from the exciting brain of Wonko after the jump.

Brandon Graham, DE/OLB, Michigan: This guy could make an immediate impact on our pass rush. If the Chargers send Merriman packing and draft this guy, I think our pass rush might be better for it. And, he can stop the run too.

LaGarrette Blount, RB, Oregon: I really don't like the way this guy finishes runs. He doesn't use his size to his advantage. He looks like he's trying to be small running back in a big running back's body. He's way easier to tackle than he should be.

Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati: I like the way he moved in the pocket and obviously his size. His throws were a little off, but if the Chargers were to draft him it'd be as a developmental QB anyway. IT probably won't happen since he'll go high enough that the Chargers won't use a pick that high to replace Whitehurst and they might actually bring Charlie Clipboard back.

Koique Bell, RB, Wayne State: Definitely had moments where he looked like he was an NFL back. His patience worked for him in the first half. The patience also got him in trouble when he got tackled in the backfield and couldn't fight back to the line of scrimmage.

Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee: He held the line well, but no big plays. That seems in line with what people say about him. He's not flashy.

Terrence Cody, NT, Alabama: Cody is a little more flashy. Watching him actually reminded me that despite his size he actually can make plays. This situation worked well for him since he needs to be rotated in and out. I still worry that you are drafting the equivalent of an end-of-career Jamal Williams in a 22 year old's body instead of getting a guy that's like Jamal in his prime.

Brandon Lang, DE/OLB, Troy: Good speed of the edge and follows in the footsteps of Osi Umenyiori and Demarcus Ware as edge rusher from Troy. I'd take him, he can play.

Mardy Gilyard, WR, Cincinnati: Was a big time disappointment in the practices. But, you put him on the field and he's a playmaker. His style reminds me of the Broncos WRs. I don't want him in orange and blue. Please, please, someone else draft him.

Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami: Played basketball at Miami and is raw at TE. I like him as a developmental project for the Chargers who they could get ready to replace Gates in a couple of years (or at least compliment/spell him in his later years). Was invisible in the Senior Bowl game though.

Cam Thomas, NT, North Carolina: He got a sack in the game and Mike Mayock was complimentary. If we haven't addressed that position in the first 2 rounds, I'd love him as a 3rd round pick.

Sean Weatherspoon, ILB/OLB, Missouri: He could be the leader in the LB corps that we've been looking for.

Danario Alexander, WR, Missouri: Big disappointment during the Senior Bowl week. He was called stiff and he dropped balls. He made plays for the Mizzou Tigers though, so I don't know what happened. His size matches the template for a Chargers WR. This week may have sent him slipping to the late rounds, I'm still interested enough to take a 6th round flyer on him if possible.

Riley Cooper, WR, Florida: Tall, fast, needs work at WR. Chargers need a gunner to replace Osgood, do they

Anthony Dixon, RB, Mississippi State: I wanted to see him run, but he didn't get a lot of carries. I think they even lined him up at FB. I saw him really finish one run well by pushing forward, but not in a way that opened him up to injuries. That's the kind of stuff I want to see from the next Chargers RB.

Lonyae Miller, RB, Fresno State: Looked good and moves well, very fluid, definitely was a hidden gem behind Ryan Matthews at Fresno State. He could be a good value pick if the Chargers decided they aren't going to pick a RB high.

Dorin Dickerson, WR/TE/FB, Pittsburgh: Is Kris Wilson coming back? If not, then this guy could be an ideal replacement.

Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho: Mike Mayock pointed out how he doesn't attack his guy with force and instead grabs him. I don't like that at all. Stay away.

Tyson Alualu, DE/DT, California: He impressed me in his bowl game and he showed off his high motor at the Senior Bowl. I think he's project for the 2nd round, but I don't think I want the Chargers to take a guy like him that high. He reminds me of Alphonso Boone in a way.