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Redskins at Chargers, 1st Half Thread

Get out those stopwatches and aviator sunglasses, kids.  It's time for all of us to play the role of NFL Talent Scout.  Certain things I'm looking forward to:

  • How does Buster Davis look out there?  (My guess?  Like a faster Naanee.)  
  • How will Antoine Cason look going up against Santana Moss?  (If he can get better because of the benching, and prove himself a valuable asset going into the playoffs....that would be huge.)
  • Can Kassim Osgood fight through a jam at the line?  (I believe this has been his biggest problem, along with a lack of speed.  If he can show good strength at point of attack, he could see himself in on a goal line play or two in the playoffs.)
  • Will Kris Wilson or Brandon Manumaleuna play at TE when Antonio Gates comes out?  (I hope Wilson.  He'd be a major weapon for Billy Volek.)
  • How does Michael Bennett look?  (Perhaps we may find out why he has hardly played at all this season...besides a lack of special teams contribution.)
  • Is Larry English better than James Holt?  (I get the feeling these two will get a lot of snaps in the 2nd half at OLB.  From what I've heard, the team is very excited about both guys.  Larry needs to stand out in this game as being a future star if he wants the fanbase's support in the offseason.)

I have a family function to get to, but I should be back before halftime.  I won't be here, and I won't be checking my txt messages or answering my phone, because I'd like to watch the game with no knowledge of what will happen.  Call me crazy.  Somebody will be here to put up the second half thread, if it's not me, and I'll be back around to chat in that thread and wrap everything up with a postgame post.

Happy New Year everybody.  Who knows Norv's record in January?