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Serious Business: 1/29 Chargers Links

 Terry Bradshaw & Joe Montana – Playoff Mortals to Playoff Gods
Their legacies paint them as unflappable field generals, but things were not always perfect for these two as they directed dynasties in the 70's and 80's. There were moments, or stretches, of inadequacy, that go undetected because of the remarkable final product they produced.

2009 All-Keep Choppin' Wood Team
Tom: Jamal Williams' backup, Ogdemi Nwagbuo, was so impressive that the Chargers picked up Texans bust Travis Johnson and Bears castoff Alfonso Boone and revamped their defense a little to fix the problem. Mike: That's some pretty powerful chopping, considering the Chargers needed, more than anything, stout run defense. Actually, that's really all the Chargers needed. That and maybe some potent form of anti-Norv.

Scouts Inc.: Day 4 at the Senior Bowl (ESPN Insider)
Troy DE Brandon Lang -- It's hard for a defensive lineman to jump out in a no-pads practice, but Lang did just that in a coverage drill when he flipped his hips and quickly got to his drop point before finishing impressively by going up and high-pointing a ball thrown above his head. During the team period Lang showed active hands and a strong upper body and it was apparent he was paying attention to detail and working on his technique. Like Michigan DE Brandon Graham during the North practice, it is apparent Lang is ready to become a pro.

Evening AFC West news and notes - Bill Williamson - ESPN
Brandon Marshall isn’t talking about his status with the Denver Broncos. Marshall has opened his mouth in the past, but it really doesn’t matter what he says at this point. He is likely gone from Denver, no matter what he does or doesn't say.

Turner has mixed emotions in Pro Bowl
"It was hard," Turner said. "[Kaeding]came down here and wanted to go kick well. All of us want to move on (from the playoff loss) and it’s disappointing that he had the injury."

"Osgood wants to be a receiver too" by Bolts Bulletin

Osgood voiced his love for San Diego and desire to remain with the Chargers. But asked if he would choose another team that promised him he could play receiver, he said, "I'm always going to go for more work."