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Tales from an Uninformed Armchair GM

Now that the offseason has begun and my predicting days will be placed on hold for the next 9 months, I have to start coming up with original content and actually write columns.  I know it's odd but I really love the offseason, and in a sick way I almost like it as much as the regular season.    I really enjoy all of the strategy that goes into the draft, free agent signings, trades and all the effort that is put into constructing a championship caliber team.     Really the thing I love the most about the offseason is being able to play GM and try to break down the team's roster and fill the holes accordingly by looking at potential draft positions and trying to guess what free agents the team will sign. 

Since I do all this every off season for my own enjoyment I thought maybe this offseason I would write about it in a column named "Tales from an Uninformed Armchair GM."  I'll tell you upfront that I have zero insider information, I have no scouting experience, and in most cases I have no clue what I am talking about, I'm just a goofy fan who reads a lot on the internet.  Everything I post will be my incredibly bias opinion so please feel free to disagree with it.

Here are some of the things I plan on looking at this off season:

 What to do with the Chargers Unrestricted Free Agents

What to do with the Charters Restricted Free Agents

Who Should the Chargers Sign?

Draft Pick Trade Potentials

Draft Needs

A Mock Draft

If you guys would like for me to write about any other subjects please let me know!  I'll start next week with a breakdown of what current Charger unrestricted free agents the team should try and re-sign and  which ones they should let walk out the door.