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Get Your Very Own BFTB Shirt!

Have you ever wanted a shirt that declares your pro-Norv Turner position?  How about one that mocks other NFL Quarterbacks for not using a throwing motion that's half as awesome as Philip Rivers'?  Me too.  Also, partially because he was so incredibly nice to me, I'm hell-bent on getting the Chargers to retire #80 to honor Kellen Winslow and I'd love a shirt that said that for me.  Now, all of your dreams have come true.

Allow me to introduce the BFTB Store.  Right now it's filled with a collection of t-shirts, sleeveless tees, long-sleeve t-shirts and hoodies.  There's even a t-shirt in there with the BFTB logo on it, so that you can be easily picked out in public as a Chargers fan who does not spend time commenting at  You wouldn't want to be mistaken for one of those fans, would you?

This store will be closely monitored, edited and added to as time goes on.  if you have an idea for a shirt (now or in the future), either throw it in the comments here or e-mail it to me and I'll see what I can do to get it into the store.  Hey, it's your blog....why wouldn't you have control over the store as well?

Oh, and you don't need to remind me that we currently have nothing that compares to the awesomeness of the Breakfasttown shirt.  We're working on it.