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We're Doing It!: Amanda Gives Back Edition

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Alright fellas, it's crunch time.  As you all know, jbox has been our official promoter and reporter of Pad Squadder Amanda as she continues on her quest to be crowned the Director of Fandemonium by  While he may eventually end up with the phone number of her mysterious roommate, thusfar there has been nothing in it for you besides team pride.  Now there is.

You guys have been helpful enough to catapult her from 7th all the way to 2nd.  And now, with the competition coming down to her and Ralph from Miami, she's willing to sweeten the pot (along with to encourage you to take 5 seconds out of your day and vote for her.

Here's the deal:


  • You go here and vote for Amanda.  If you can do it more than once, that'd be appreciated.
  • Come back here and let us know in the comments that you voted for her.  Any proof you can provide (a screenshot perhaps?) would probably increase your chances of winning.
  • Amanda will be by tomorrow to look through the comments (so keep them clean!) and pick one winner to receive a $50 gift card to (which is currently running a 60% sale).

See how easy that is?  You vote, and you and Amanda both win.