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Serious Business: 1/27 Chargers Links

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FBO: Pro Bowl snubs and mistakes
Nate Kaeding listed among the undeserving because "we know field goal accuracy isn't really a consistent skill."

Chargers Chatting With Prospects At The 2010 Senior Bowl
The San Diego Chargers are in attendance and have already started visiting with prospects. While not always a true indication of legitimate interest, the Chargers do have a history of drafting players whom they've scouted first-hand down at this event.

Stat of the Day: Pass Tackles for Linebackers
Kevin Burnett ranks 10th with a 52% Stop Rate on Complete Passes and 12th with 16 Stops on Complete Passes.

'Gifted' LaDainian Tomlinson blazed new NFL trail in 2000s -
Tomlinson was the unanimous selection among USA TODAY's panel as the NFL's best running back of the 2000s.

Ricky Byers Needs Your Help and He Needs It Now! - NASCAR Ranting and Raving
Ricky is a 2-time Cancer survivor - he has beaten this horrible disease twice and now he wants to beat it to the ground and stamp it out with your help.