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Robot For Sale: 1/26 Chargers Links

Tomlinson wasn't happy with his role |
"I wasn't happy.  No one is going to be happy with the least amount of touches in my career.  I don't know any running back that would be happy with that.  Absolutely I wasn't happy with not touching the ball as much as I thought I would," Tomlinson said.

Chargers staying put next season -
Chargers home games will be at Qualcomm Stadium for at least one more season as the team tries to build support for a new venue in downtown San Diego.

Letting go of letting Brees go -
The Chargers owned the No. 1 overall selection that spring as the reward for a 4-12 finish the preceding fall. Brees’ record as an NFL starter was then 10-17. He had thrown 31 interceptions against 29 touchdown passes. He was unquestionably undersized, allegedly the owner of a substandard arm, not nearly the player he would later become.

Twitter / C. Elsten C. Ello: I don't think A.J. has cau ...
I don't think A.J. has cause to regret going with Rivers. I really liked Brees, enough to have stuck with him instead of drafting Rivers...

(Editor's Note: I think Elsten is fooling himself. Brees was one of the worst QBs in the league the year before they drafted Rivers.)

Possible Spoiler On Surprise Entrant For Royal Rumble 2010 -
There's some rumblings that Shawne Merriman is either going to show up at WWE's Royal Rumble next week, or at Wrestlemania in March. Shawne seems to be the one spreading those rumors.

AFC West: Five best rookies - AFC West Blog - ESPN
1. Louis Vasquez, guard, San Diego, third round: Vasquez was an excellent addition to San Diego’s offensive line. The Texas Tech product is rugged, smart and confident. He is a top-flight pass protector.

AFC West: Five rookie disappointments - AFC West Blog - ESPN
5. Larry English, linebacker, San Diego, first round: English, the No. 16 overall pick, doesn’t look like he is going to be a bust. He should develop nicely. But, like Ayers, he was given a chance to shine and he didn’t have much of an impact.