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Last Word with j-man

Sorry, j-man fans, for the delay on this.  It's not his fault, it's been sitting in my inbox for about a week.  I'd like to say I've been too busy to get to it, but what's probably more honest is that I haven't wanted to relive the Chargers-Jets game again.  It'll be good for me, and us, to look back so that we can look forward.

Hell Charger fans, sorry for the loss (to the Jets).  I watched the whole game and here's why I think San Diego lost:

  1. The missed kicks were a killer.  I had a bad feeling something like that would happen after he pulled the first FG.  However, I think if he had to kick another one he would've made it.
  2. Too many mistakes/penalties.  
  3. SD's run defense wore down in the 2nd half.
  4. Philip Rivers was under pressure most of the game.
All in all, the Chargers just had a bad game.  Call it poor timing.  Keep your head up, Charger fans.  You will be back.


A little site news before I take off.  There will be no podcast this week, because there's nothing worse than talking about the Super Bowl 2 weeks before it even happens.  It'll be back next week, although who my cohost will be is currently up in the air.

Also, I've been getting a couple of calls and plenty of text message to the Bolts From The Blue Hotline.  For whomever sent me the text letting me know that Quentin Jammer was on your flight from Las Vegas to San Diego: Thank you.  That's exactly the type of stuff we're looking for.  So go ahead and put BFTB in your cell phone, so you know who to call the next time you bump into Norv Turner at the Championship of Chess.  The number is 760-515-BFTB (2382).