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Kevin Acee's Biggest Fear

Kevin Acee doing his "night job".... assassin.
Kevin Acee doing his "night job".... assassin.

I've already lied.  I have no idea what Kevin's biggest fear is.  As a father (I think), I imagine his biggest fear has something to do with harm being brought upon his children.  That's not what we're getting at here.

What am I getting is something that both Kevin and myself share a fear of: too much exposure.  That is, being too transparent.  The only reason I know that Kevin has kids (or a kid) is that he responded to some nasty e-mail the other day by saying something along the lines of "Let a guy spend some time with his kids!"  The only reason I know his history as a Southern California writer is because of the interview he did with me.  Kevin Acee does not have a Wikipedia page (although he should!).

In summary, although everyone knows his name and he's somewhat in the public eye.....Kevin would like to maintain some level of privacy.  Fair enough.

I live with that same fear.  This is partly why my byline is a first name and a ridiculous username.  This is partly why my picture has only been on the site once and why I almost never wear Chargers gear when I'm in San Diego (A big-time celebrity like me? They'd tear me limb-from-limb!).  This is why, during last weekend, I decided to meet with BFTB staff only instead of just anybody who wanted to show up.  It's easier for me, because I live cross-country, but no matter where I am in the world I'd like to be able to slip into the background if possible.

Anyways, around the time Kevin and I were trying to schedule a time to either meet for a face-to-face meeting or do a phone interview, he e-mailed me his phone number.  Then, directly underneath a phone number there was the following vague message:

Please, please, please keep that # to yourself.

I told him I would, and true to my word I haven't told a soul up to this point.  But you know does give me an idea.


No, not that idea.  You really think that after praising him all day I was going to just throw the guy to the wolves and let him hate me forever?  I wouldn't do that.

Here's the idea.  As much as I would like to, I'm probably not going to be able to attend nearly as many practices and games as Kevin Acee next season.  I also don't have the long-term relationships (yet!) that he has with many of the players in the locker room.  I don't have a film crew or a sushi restaurant to make the type of videos that Charger fans will be captivated by.  I need to find any and all advantages so that fans have a reason to come read BFTB every day after finishing with

So while I originally saw Kevin's plea as just a promise to keep to him, I now see it as the weakness of a worthy opponent.  So, I am glad to introduce the Bolts From The Blue Hotline!  Better known as my cell phone.

Did you just spot a Chargers player at a taco stand?  Is Kevin Acee not answering your question for a 200th time?  Are you a Chargers player that wants to chat?  Do you hate Twitter and would prefer to text me instead?  Here's the number to dial:


760-515-BFTB (2382)


That's right, Mr. Acee may be too big and important to take the hundreds of calls from fans that want to fire Norv after every Chargers loss (and sometimes the wins), but I'm not!

Kevin, a million thank-yous for all you've done for the team this year in terms of covering the Chargers and finding innovative ways to connect the players to the fans.  One more thank-you for giving me one thing that I can do (or at least am willing to do) that you cannot (or won't, because you know it's insanity).  You're the best.


Coming up in just a few hours.....e-mailed stories about Kevin Acee, including some fantastic behind-the-scenes info and pictures!