Pad Squad Amanda Interview

As you probably know we've all been helping Pad Squad Amanda represent the Chargers and become the NFL's Director of Fandemonium.  We've been able to move her from 7th place into 2nd place.  We just need to keep her in the top 2 until at least Sunday!

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Are you getting nervous?  The competition is almost over.

It is crunch time! The Colts fan that is in 3rd or 4th place is getting A LOT of media and I am afraid she is going to take my 2nd place spot. I have to stay in 2nd until Sunday at midnight to secure my trip to this year's Pro Bowl and Super Bowl. I have come this far I can't let it slip away from me.

Define fandemonium, because I'm not sure that it's a real word.

Ok so the etymology of pandemonium is pan meaning "all" and demonium meaning "evil spirit" so it's a place where everybody there is an evil spirit. So "fandemonium" that must come from fan, short for fanatic and demonium meaning evil spirit so it's somebody fanatic for evil spirits or the director of fandemonium is one who is directing fans towards evil spirits and that is why the chargers are cursed

I think you are right on in saying it is not a real word. But your breakdown definitely makes me look at the term in a different light. Prior to hearing your analysis, my thoughts on the title of Director of Fandemonium was someone who is the ultimate football fan and likes to get out there with other football fans and just let loose and cheer on their team. Maybe this contest is really the evil spirit...I am actually beginning think so. My life has been consumed with this contest!!

When did you go to your first Chargers game?

I was spoiled at my first Charger game. It was in college and we got tickets from a Charger girl and sat in the front row. I have had some great seats since then, but never that good! One day it will happen again...

What does a Pad Squadder turned Director of Fandemonium want to be when she grows up?

I am starting to feel pretty old so I think it is too late for "when I grow up", but really enjoy my current jobs at SeaWorld and the Padres. I do love sports so if I were to make a career change I would love switching over to a big girl job with the Padres or the Chargers.

Why do you ignore my questions about your friend that you pose in pictures with?

Ha-ha I wasn't ignoring the question, just keeping you in suspense. That is my really good friend and roommate Lindsey. And to answer you second question, she is single at the moment.

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