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What's Your Favorite Chargers Play?

Time for us to go back to feeling good about this season.  To go back to a time when Nate Kaeding was unflappable and Philip Rivers looked like the best QB in the league.

This is a little experiment I want to run, because I know you guys have a voice and opinions that you'd love to get out.  I want to know, what was your favorite play of the entire season?  Your reasons for picking it are undefined.  It could be due to creativity (Naanee pass back to Rivers), clutchness (Jackson TD to beat the Giants) or whatever (feel free to pick Nate's game-winning FG against Cincinnati).

Please read through the comments before you submit your own favorite play.  If you see that somebody else already has it up, "rec" that comment and reply to it with your own reason for choosing it if you wish.

If there's enough response to this, and we can manage to keep it somewhat organized, I may take the most rec'd plays and put it to a vote to decide the best Chargers play of the year.