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Serious Business: 1/2 Chargers Links

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Pro Football Focus' 2010 AFC Pro Bowl Squad
Rivers and Jackson make the cut. Gates and Scifres also "considered."

Tolbert displaying his dependability -
When the Chargers were trying to hold onto the ball and run out the clock in their rout of the Tennessee Titans on Christmas night, they went with eight straight handoffs to Tolbert, then began taking a knee with backup quarterback Billy Volek.

Blackout Lifted: Special Thanks To Our Fans
Dean Spanos sends a special thank you note to fans for the 47th consecutive regular season game to be televised locally.

Josh McDaniels talks about his decision to deactivate Brandon Marshall
He's a Pro Bowler. Oh yeah.

Looks like Tony Scheffler is out Sunday as well
Tight end Tony Scheffler also has been told he will not dress Sunday against the Chiefs, in his case because of his attitude.