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Serious Business: 1/18 Chargers Links

Kaeding is kicking himself - Chris Jenkins -
"I’ve had one of these rested on my shoulders before," said Kaeding after missing all three field-goal attempts in the 17-14 loss to the New York Jets. "Professionally, it’s a tough thing to get through. I’m not gonna feel sorry for myself. I feel sorry for my teammates, coaches and support staff here. I feel like I let everybody down.

Bolts' bitter end - Kevin Acee -
Can we ever be expected to believe in the Chargers in the playoffs?

Twitter / S.D. U-T Chargers: LT: "I will play in 2010." ...
But will he play for the Chargers?

Gates: "It’s Devastating At This Point"
Antonio Gates had one key dropped pass but was otherwise the lone highlight for the Chargers offense, catching eight passes for 93 yards. After a crushing 17-14 loss to the Jets, Antonio talked to the San Diego media about what happened:

Gag Green: It’s All Over For Chargers
The Chargers were their own worst enemies in a 17-14 loss to the Jets, with penalties, turnovers and missed field goals paving the way to one of the worst losses in San Diego sports history. Craig and Chris are at the Q with the postgame breakdown:

Latest Choke Is A Real Letdown
Sometimes, there isn't a big, easy target to blame for what fails your sports team. Sometimes, it's as simple as them failing. Letdowns happen. Chokes occur. We just had the misfortune this year of following a really good football team that played really poorly when it mattered the most.