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Around the AFC West: To Get Better the Chiefs Become...the Patriots

A few days after the Kansas City Chiefs hired Charlie Weis, the ex-head coach of Notre Dame and the ex-offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots, the Chiefs have officially hired Romeo Crennel to run their defense. Crennel, who was replaced by Eric Mangini as head coach of the Cleveland Browns, is more known for winning three super bowls with the Patriots as defensive coordinator, with Weis as the offensive coordinator, and Emperor Palpatine as head coach.

Do Weis and Crennel have any magic left or are they washed up head coaching failures? Will players buy into their ideas now that they bombed out at their respective head coaching jobs after their previous employer was accused of cheating? Certainly, the best coaches in the world aren't going to make the Chiefs much better right now, as they have a dearth of talent on the roster. They will have to build through the draft around RB Jamaal Charles. Weis and Crennel are familiar with long time backup QB Matt Cassel, but one has to wonder how much slack they are going to give him before they move on; seeing how he played against the Chargers this season I have to think that he isn't the answer.

In Raiders news, Al Davis keeps postponing any meeting with head coach Tom Cable to discuss his future with the team. They were set to meet yesterday, but now they will met "at some point". I have no idea what this means but I do know that they players totally buy into coach Cable and want him to stay. Of course, it is up to the boss at this point and nobody ever really knows what he is thinking. In my opinion, it would be best to keep Cable on the staff for the sake of consistency and player moral. In related news, it seems as though Davis' judgment of Lane Kiffin's character was spot on. Kiffin's recent move to his new job as head coach of USC shows he is just as loony as Davis himself.