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Show Me Your Lightning Bolt: 1/12 Chargers Links

Are We Having Fun Yet? - Chris Ello -
For Chargers Coach Norv Turner, the 2009 season has been anything but a breeze (see: September/October). But now his team has won 11 in a row and is one of the favorites to go to the Super Bowl. Does that mean Turner can enjoy the ride — even a little? wonders, and Norv responds:

Zeroing in on next foe: Jets - Kevin Acee -
"You know you have an opponent," Rivers said. "Mentally, you can zero in on an opponent now rather than having three teams, and you’re thinking about them all."

CHARGERS NOTES: Teammates get a kick out of L.T. commercial
As Tomlinson addressed reporters about his "LT Style Electric Glide" video, which leaked on the Internet over the weekend, Rivers stopped by the running back's locker and mimicked Tomlinson, placing his hands over his eyes and singing "Read the defense, read the defense."

Tomlinson is a dancing star - AFC West Blog - ESPN
"Guys were repeating the song," Tomlinson said. "They were repeating the words, the dance moves. (Guard) Kris Dielman was out on the field showing me all the dance moves from the video."

Decade Of Change: Eliminating Mediocrity In America's Favorite Sport - SB Nation
It’s true. Football is the best. It’s undisputed most popular sport in North America; as such, however, it’s subjected to a bit more criticism because of its cultural standing. The NFL is a far cry from perfection. The league has deteriorated to the point where mediocrity can merit a playoff berth, rules and policies grow more complex and perplexing, and money trumps product and even fan support. The NFL can easily fix a lot of its issues, though. Here’s how.