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Serious Business: 1/11 Chargers Links

Audibles at the Line: Wild Card Round
Bill Barnwell: I'd bench Palmer at this point.
Tim Gerheim: Because J.T. O'Sullivan would be an improvement?
Bill Barnwell: At this rate? Yeah. It's a good pass defense, but Palmer looks like he can't throw the ball right now.

This Weekend Has Really Sucked, Huh? - SB Nation
Jets 24, Bengals 14
Bad team meets bad team,
Mark Sanchez hero, Shayne Graham chokes.
Jets Advance. Really.

"Rivera will wait" by Bolts Blog
Rivera declined to comment further on his prospects with the Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks, but sources have confirmed both teams asked permission to speak with Rivera but that it was Rivera who declined the opportunity to interview with either.

Quick Take: Jets at Chargers - AFC West Blog - ESPN
In 2007, San Diego general manager A.J. Smith choose Norv Turner over Rex Ryan to replace Marty Schottenheimer as head coach. Many league observers criticized Smith for the choice. It is difficult to argue that Smith made the wrong choice. Turner has led San Diego to a 13-3 record and he is a legitimate NFL coach of the year candidate.