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Chargers to Face Jets Next Week

With an absolute beatdown being handed to the Patriots by the Ravens earlier today, next week's AFC matchups have been set.  The Ravens will travel to Indianapolis to try and enact revenge against the team that left their city without an NFL franchise in 1984.  The Jets will leave the frigid northeast and spend a few days soaking in San Diego's warm weather.

As several people have pointed out, the Jets strong defense and strong running game probably makes them a worse matchup for the Chargers than the Patriots would've been.  However, with the way this team is built, matchups don't seem to matter very much.  The gameplan never changes: score early and often, taking the opponent out of their gameplan and forcing mistakes.  The fact that the team's gameplan never changes is a big reason why they have been able to win 11 straight games, and a big reason why they seemed to get better each and every week.

I'll dissect this game to itty bitty pieces during the Tuesday Wednesday podcast with Zach (6pm PST), so make sure you listen in.