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Open Thread: Sunday Bye

And then there were two.  Possible opponents for the Chargers next week, that is.  Sorry Bengals, but your record against the 2009 Chargers will have to remain at 0-1 for all of eternity.  Here's today's games:


  • Ravens at Patriots - If the Ravens win, the Jets travel to San Diego next weekend.  If the Patriots win, they'll be the ones enjoying a few days in the California sun.  I suppose I'd rather face the Patriots, because of past history and because their running game and defense is not as good as NY's, but either one is fine really.  I'll probably be pulling for Baltimore just to see Belichick lose a Wild Card game.
  • Packers at Cardinals - Winner of this game gets to play New Orleans next week.  Fun!  Saw two interesting stats today about the Cardinals.  The first is that the Cardinals are 5-0 in games-after-losses this year.  Remember that they lost last week.  The second was that Kurt Warner is 8-3 in the playoffs.  That's a damn impressive record.  I still say the Packers win, but those stats sobered me up a bit.


This upcoming week, I'll reveal to everyone the playoff picks of the BFTB writers.  We tried to pick every winner and every game.  Guess who I had in the Super Bowl?  If you guessed the Eagles, who went 0-1 in the playoffs for the first time ever under Andy Reid last night, you win nothing but the satisfaction of being right.

Chat about the games in the comments below.  Unlike yesterday, I should actually be around to boost my comment totals today.