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So it's been one year since BFTB took off

Since that time, I had to sign off as the main blogger, but we were very fortunate to have John leading and SHaynes, Grey Suit, Richard and Andy providing articles and analysis.  It was kind of an odd start with a number of Broncos posters coming over as I had spent a lot time at MHR.  The Hochuli game came early on and developed more heated threads.  I remember the powers that be asking what was up, because they had never seen comment stats like that from a new blog.

I was fortunate to inherit some good folks early on from the Gaslamp Ballers that made it a lot of fun week in and out.  I'm not going to call you all out because I'm bound to forget some.  It was an odd season, the Chargers fell to 4-8 and looked to be out of the playoffs before a miraculous turn around.

Some of my favorite posts over the year:

Early on the Oman came out this on the lines.  Then Richard came out with the first of his incomparable stats posts.  He also spent considerable time keeping my posts free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes ex post facto, practically a full time job in itself.

When the Bolts looked down for the count last season I had the pleasure of reading this from Johnny Dub.  It expressed almost perfectly what I felt.  Next came Christmas time and things were looking up when Axion came up with this image.  He came up with one other image that I won't repost, but it really made me laugh.

One of the posts I enjoyed writing the most was the Playoff victory against the Colts here.  It showed that the Chargers belonged in the playoffs despite the 8-8 record and that game was just pure fun to watch.  The other one that felt good to write was the re-signing of LT.  Although I had rationalized his leaving; LT in another uniform was going to be very, very wrong.

So I'll leave you all with a brief poll to see how you thought it went...


How was the first year of BFTB?

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