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Happy Birthday Bolts From The Blue!

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On this day, one year ago, lightning struck the blogosphere and Bolts From The Blue was born.  I joined the site 3 days later, on a recommendation from the Gaslamp Ball guys, and took over the site on April 15th.  So while I've been here the whole time, I haven't been the head writer for even half of the time.

I need to give full credit to Brian, aka DaBolts, for keeping me here.  If he wasn't writing new posts every day, really good stuff too, I wouldn't have been coming back to the site multiple times each day.  Daily commenting led me to writing my own FanPosts, which led to be being asked by Brian to be a regular contributor to the site. For those interested in writing for BFTB, that's how to do it.

I've always loved coming to BFTB for the level-headed debates that would go on in the comments, with just a hint of silliness mixed in.  I loved Brian's stat-heavy posts, and eventually Richard Wade's mind-boggling weekly stat posts (which should be back as of next week).  I love the staff we have now, because it's regular occurrence for me to read what they've written and learn something new.  That's not easy for somebody that covers the Chargers 24/7 and writes about them daily.

Most of all, I love running this blog.  You readers and commenters make it fun for me.  I strive to make this community better every day, because that's exactly what you guys deserve.  Based on the increase in traffic since the NFL Draft, I'd say things are headed in the right direction.  The site is growing by leaps and bounds and I hope that trend continues.

So raise your glasses and give a hearty cheer.  There will be many more anniversaries in the future.