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Updating the San Diego Chargers Depth Chart

Is everyone ready to get back to business?  I know I've had enough Tila Tequila for a lifetime.

Since we have been keeping your readers up-to-date to the Chargers depth chart throughout the preseason, I thought it was appropriate to do it one last time after the roster as been cut to 53.  Barring injury, this is probably the way it will look for the remainder of the site.

The official Chargers depth chart, plus my thoughts, can be found after the jump.



  1. Philip Rivers
  2. Billy Volek
  3. Charlie Whitehurst


  1. LaDainian Tomlinson
  2. Darren Sproles
  3. Michael Bennett
  4. Gartrell Johnson


  1. Jacob Hester
  2. Mike Tolbert


  1. Antonio Gates
  2. Brandon Manumaleuna
  3. Kris Wilson


  1. Chris Chambers
  2. Malcom Floyd
  3. Buster Davis


  1. Vincent Jackson
  2. Legedu Naanee
  3. Kassim Osgood


  1. Marcus McNeill
  2. Brandyn Dombrowski


  1. Kris Dielman
  2. Scott Mruczkowski


  1. Nick Hardwick
  2. Scott Mruczkowski


  1. Louis Vasquez
  2. Scott Mruczkowski


  1. Jeromey Clary
  2. Brandyn Dombrowski




  1. Jacques Cesaire
  2. Travis Johnson


  1. Jamal Williams
  2. Ogemdi Nwagbuo


  1. Luis Castillo
  2. Vaughn Martin


  1. Shaun Phillips
  2. Antwan Applewhite


  1. Stephen Cooper


  1. Kevin Burnett
  2. Tim Dobbins
  3. Brandon Siler


  1. Shawne Merriman
  2. Larry English
  3. Jyles Tucker


  1. Quentin Jammer


  1. Antonio Cromartie
  2. Antoine Cason


  1. Clinton Hart
  2. Steve Gregory
  3. Kevin Ellison


  1. Eric Weddle
  2. Paul Oliver
  3. C.J. Spillman

The special teams you can guess.  Nate Kaeding is the only kicker, Mike Scifres is the only punter.  David Binn is the long snapper, Sproles is the return man and Cromartie is the backup return man.

Now, I started copying this depth chart from the Chargers weekly game release, but then decided to go off of the depth chart that's listed on  Mostly I went this way because I thought they'd be roughly the same, but with one having Manumaleuna listed as the 2nd TE and the other having him listed as the second starting FB (I know, it's odd).  However, there's more differences than that.  Let's count all of the differences on the game release from what you see above:

  1. Brandon Manumaleuna is listed as the second starting FB.  Kris Wilson listed as 2nd TE.
  2. Tyronne Green is listed as the 3rd string LG and RG.
  3. Osgood is listed as the 3rd WR1, Davis is listed as the 3rd WR2.
  4. Travis Johnson is listed as the backup for Jamal Williams and Luis Castillo.  Nwagbuo is listed as the backup to Cesaire.  Vaughn Martin is shown as the 3rd DE at both spots.
  5. Shaun Phillips is backed up by Jyles Tucker.  Merriman is backed up by Applewhite.  English is listed 3rd behind Merriman.

That's interesting, isn't it?  There's probably nothing to the inconsistencies.  It's probably just a case of two different people putting the depth charts together.  Still, I'd like to know who the team really considers to be the backup DT and if English is really ahead of Tucker.

The offensive line looks even thinner on the Chargers' website's depth chart.  Why not show Green there as well, so the fans don't get nervous about one guy backing up all three interior-line positions by himself?  Also, Dombrowski covering both tackle positions by himself would worry me more if I didn't think that Mooch or even Manumaleuna could handle an offensive tackle spot in a pinch.

What do you guys think?  Is there enough depth on this team to fight through injuries in 2009?