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BFTB Fantasy Football Drafts

Just a reminder to everybody, it's time for the BFTB Fantasy Football leagues to start!  Each league will be drafting over the next two days (dates and times below) and be ready for the start of the NFL season on Thursday night.

These will be LIVE DRAFTS and you're going to want to be there.  Not only will there undoubtedly be good trash-talking going on, some of the members of the leagues have already noted that the Flea Flicker player rankings are a  So if you don't show up, chances are your auto-drafted team will have some gaping holes in it.


League: Bolts From The Blue

Draft: Wednesday, September 9th at 9pm EST (6pm Pacific)


League: Bolts From The Blue 2

Draft: Tuesday, September 8th at 9pm EST (6pm Pacific)


I'm relying on you guys to show up, pick good teams and participate throughout the season.  If people start quitting on their teams (and doing things like starting a QB on a bye week), it'll be less fun and I probably won't do it again next season. 

So, figure out what league you're in and clear your schedule.  This should be fun.