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Hank Bauer Interviewed on XTRA 1360

Hank Bauer is a former Charger and current radio color guy.  He has a weekly interview on XTRA and I always get something from it.

Josh and Jeff interview Hank Bauer, XTRA 1360, (mp3)

  • Go see the San Diego Chargers' Complete History
  • Is the Q a dump?  I had a lot of good memories from there, but its kind of like a beautiful woman who is rotting from the inside out.  It's serviceable, and the fans love it.  But if you compare it to the new stadiums, it is a dump.  Even Atlanta has a better stadium than us now.
  • Who among the rookies do you really like their character?  It's a tribute to AJ and the Spanos that all the rookies are here to work and have their heads on straight.  At this point it's more about who can play, since they all have the character and work ethic to be successful.  One guy who I thought really had a great game in Atlanta was Louis Vasquez, I thought he had a terrific game and I wouldn't be surprised if he was the starter in Oakland
  • Another guy who had a good game was Mooch, Scott Mruczkowski.  When Kris Dielman came out (with his shoulder injury) Mooch, who has played exclusively at center in this preseason, stood in very well at left guard.  He played some center after the half and some more guard later on.
  • Kynan Forney looked good as well.  Hank would start Vasquez because he thinks Vasquez has more upside and Forney would be better off the bench if Vasquez struggles.
  • Defensively, Ian Scott jumped out at NT.  Hank did not think he had a chance to make this team, but he really stood out. 
  • Did Michael Bennett impress you, will he make the team? Hank say yes, he can make people miss like few people can and he has exceptional speed.  Bennett is a big play guy.  It is a big chance to cut him and hope he will still be around if you need him later on.
  • Bauer would keep Bennett and Mike Tolbert and try to sneak Gartrell Johnson through the waiver wire and onto the practice squad where he can develop.  Let's face it, we're looking for a super bowl, this is not a developmental type team.  Bennett might be around for a couple years as well.
  • None of the rookie WRs are going to make the team.
  • OL sure things are McNeill, Dielman, Hardwick, Vasquez, Clary, Forney, and Mooch.  Who are the other 2-3 guys?  Tyronne Green, you can get him through waivers and onto the practice squad, I don't think you need another guard at this point.  L.J. Shelton is an 11 year vet, he is solid, but he is going to get burned once or twice a game and isn't a road grader any more at his age.  So do you keep him or a younger guy like Dombrowski who can also play guard?  It's a tough decision.  Corey Clark can play both as well.
  • DL sure things are Luis Castillo, Jamal Williams, Jacques Cesaire, Vaughn Martin, and Travis Johnson.  What is up with Ryon Bingham? I don't know when he is going to be back.  How long can you carry him on the roster without him playing?  You need someone to back up, is it Ian Scott or Ogemdi Nwagbuo?  Keeping Bingham around might make you keep an extra DL and squeeze someone elsewhere.
  • Everybody is talking about us needing 4 corners.  Steve Gregory came in as a corner, maybe you keep 4 safeties and use Gregory as your 4th corner if needed.

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