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Game Thread: Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers

This isn't necessarily a game that the Chargers need to win, but again it might be. It would certainly feel better going into Pittsburgh over .500 rather than under .500. Being 2-2 and ready to face the Broncos, Chiefs and Raiders would make many of us fans comfortable. Being 3-1, with a win against the Steelers, would be even better. The journey to 5-2 (or better) starts today.

The Chargers did a good job of playing to the mismatches against Baltimore and they will need to do the same thing today. Let Philip Rivers throw to his tall receivers against rookie cornerbacks. Send the defense on blitzes to throw off Chad Pennington and play their underwhelming WRs one-on-one.

Who's ready for the first relaxing fourth quarter of the season for the Chargers?