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Game Thread: Ravens @ Chargers

Oh boy, what a poor start to the season. Nick Hardwick, Travis Johnson and LaDainian Tomlinson are confirmed to be out for this game. Jamal Williams is out for the next 15 or so games. Louis Vasquez and Antwan Applewhite are out against the Ravens as well.

The depth on both offensive and defensive lines is staggeringly thin at this point, and the Chargers are about to face a team that is built to win games by dominating with their offensive and defensive lines.

If the Chargers can stay competitive in this game and Rivers has a chance to win it in the fourth quarter, I'll feel better about the rest of the season. This is not the Raiders this week, this is a legitimate Super Bowl contender we're going up against.

Let's get ready. Wipe that frown off your face and come join the conversation in the comments section. It's time to become the internet's best 12th man and root on our Bolts!