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Chargers Radio Interviews From the Last Week

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Dombrowski clearing the way for Sproles.  via <a href=""></a>
Dombrowski clearing the way for Sproles. via

Hank Bauer, 9-16, Jeff and Josh, XTRA Sports (mp3)

  • Last year we played well enough to win in week 1, but lost.  This year we played poorly and won, which would you rather have?
  • The Raiders were up for this game, and to the Chargers credit, we did what we had to do to win.
  • How do you stop Joe Flacco?  Stay the course.  Stop the run first.  Rice, McGahee, and McLain are a real good combination.  Flacco will make mistakes.  In 6 games last year he threw two interceptions.  He is still a young QB and young QBs stink it up every now and then
  • In the first half against the Raiders, we got pushed around.  9 yard per carry in the 1st half.  Thanks to Cable for trying to throw the ball every now and then
  • The second half looked alot better.
  • Give this team a few weeks before you judge them.

Scott Mruczkowski, 9-16, Darren Smith, XX Sports (mp3)

  • Moochie!
  • Everyone calls me Mooch.  Coach Turner called me Scott this morning in a meeting and I didn't know who he was talking to.
  • How was practice this afternoon? good, crisp, getting the game plan installed
  • Role this week? The plan is for me to be starting at center since Nick Hardwick is injured.  Never started at center in the NFL before.
  • What do you do to prepare yourself for a moment like that, where you had to go right in the game after an injury?  I like to loosened up a bit before every offensive series to make sure I'm a little warm and ready to go.  Easier to do in SD in September than in Chicago in the winter...
  • How different are the Center and guard positions?  Everyone is different, but I've played both since college.  Technique-wise they are a little different, but I've blocked every play the Chargers call from all 5 of the o-line positions
  • How much time do you practice at center during the week (Before Hardwick was injured)?  Just a couple reps a week with the 1st team.
  • What's it like with a Dombrowski and Murczkowski on the line? A lot of Polish beef on the line! Pirogies and kielbasas for everyone, and a round of bowling after wards!
  • Ravens? Same Ravens defense as always, big tough and fast.  Solid team and a big challenge.
  • Straight 3-4 defense? Yeah, similar to us.  They mix in some 4 down every now and then.
  • How about Phillip's taunting penalty?  I was there, all he said was "Stop on the whistle" and tossed the ball, not sure if the refs misconstrued it.
  • How is the fund raiser going for MCLEF? Great, two rushing TDs last week so we're a bit over $1000 so far.

Nick Hardwick, 9-15, Darren Smith, XX Sports (mp3)

  • Doing better than expected today!
  • Kind of a weird play, any idea what happened?  I didn't realize that it was the delay of game penalty play... such a waste to get hurt on a dead play.
  • I'm day to day and I feel that way.  Felt good this morning.  In a walking boot right now, just to take some pressure off.  We'll see what we can do this week.  Could have been a lot worse,
  • What is going through your mind when you're down on the field injured?  Just want to get in touch with the family and let them know you're doing all right.
  • How were the fans at Oakland?  Fans were hissing at me as I was getting carted off. The things that come out of some of their mouths is ridiculous.  How about some humanity? With kids around and everything.
  • Mooch and Dombrowski came in and did a really good job in a really high pressure situation.  I think there may be a joke in there somewhere: two Polocks come up to the offensive line...
  • Dombrowski actually had a great block on a play he had never even practiced before.  Makes an awesome block on an LB and Sproles follows him into the end zone.
  • One good thing about that game is that it really revealed and built character, poise and guts.  Ready to make the plays when you have to.
  • The Raiders didn't run anything we didn't expect.  Fewer dogs and blitzes actually.  They were really "assignment sharp"
  • How much do you guys actually spend practicing the two minute drill?  A lot, it's a situation we'll see twice a week sometimes and can be a huge swing.
  • Guess for us, go or no go on Sunday?  Too early to tell, it's a short week.

Brandyn Dombrowski on XTRA (mp3)

Scott Mruczkowski on XTRA (mp3)

Jim Steeg, 9-15, Jeff and Josh XTRA Sports (mp3)

  • Happy to get out of Oakland with a win and out alive
  • Get the Chargers DVD at your local DVD retailer Target, Best Buy (or amazon)!
  • New rules for the stadium? no smoking in the stadium. no bottles in the lot.  Must tailgate in your own spot. Get there early, this isn't preseason anymore.  Lot typically closes 2 hrs before the game because it's full.  Don't try to get into the stadium 15 minutes before game time, you won't make it to your seat in time.

619 Sports

  • LT on his injury (1:33)
  • Norv on 7 offensive lineman (1:20)
  • Norv on injuries (51 secs)

Travis Johnson, 9-9, Jeff and Josh, XTRA Sports (9:40)

  • My Game: Side line to side line, no seatbelt
  • sounds like a good guy