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San Diego Chargers Defeat Oakland Raiders 24-20


Well, a win is a win, but the Chargers come back to San Diego with a lot more questions than when they left.  Not to mention how battered and bruised the entire Chargers roster appears to be after this game.  I'll keep an eye out for the Chargers injury reports and post any info I can here at BFTB.

It's unfortunate that the team needed it, but thanks to another great 4th quarter comeback (starring Philip Rivers and Darren Sproles) the Bolts start the season on the right side of the win column.  The same type of performance against Baltimore next week, or throughout the season, is not going to cut it.

Here are some things to consider and discuss in the comments section.  Bolts & Dolts will be up tomorrow.

  • Was LaDainian Tomlinson benched in favor of Darren Sproles on the final drive?
  • Why wasn't Darren Sproles able to catch kick and punt returns?
  • Who will be playing C and RG for the Chargers in the future?
  • Where was the Chargers much-anticipated pass-rush?
  • Should Legedu Naanee (who had a very good game) replace Chris Chambers as the #2 receiver?
  • Should Clinton Hart continue to be the starting SS for the Bolts?
  • Will the Chargers ever learn to start the game by passing, since that's the only way they seem to put together drives late in games?

Final - 9.14.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
San Diego Chargers 0 10 0 14 24
Oakland Raiders 7 3 0 10 20

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