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Chargers @ Raiders 2nd Half Thread

Here we go.  This should speed things up for everyone.

At the half, you should begin tying your nooses.  The Chargers cannot stop the run, or the pass when Russell is actually accurate.  They also cannot run, LT may or may not be injured, and the Rivers cannot find anybody that's open.  The defense has no sacks, almost zero pressures and only Stephen Cooper seems to know how to tackle.  If it weren't for a Quentin Jammer interception, it'd be difficult to watch the second half of this game.

However, because it's the Chargers and because of what the Patriots did earlier tonight, we have hope!  The Chargers are a much better second-half team and always have been under Norv.  Keep that in mind.

Your halftime score is 10-10.  Go Chargers.