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Game Thread: San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders MNF

Since moving to the east coast, I have come to despise Monday Night Football. My wife and I get up early in the morning for our jobs, so staying up late is difficult and arduous . Typically, I'll only watch the first half of a MNF game unless it's a really interesting match-up. This game starts a full hour and a half after MNF typically starts. ESPN is lucky that the Chargers are involved, otherwise I'd be sleeping comfortably after the first quarter of this game.

However, I will be here. I'd say that it's the job of the loyal BFTB crowd to keep me awake and entertained, but who am I kidding? IT'S CHARGERS FOOTBALL! And it means something finally! I'll be up. There are many questions going into tonight's game...

  • How will LT look?
  • Will Shawne Merriman be his 2007 self?
  • Are the issues with health a depth a problem on the defensive line? Who starts in Cesaire's place?
  • Is the secondary improved?
  • If Rivers throws for seven TDs tonight, will Wonko finally admit that he's a better QB than Drew Brees?

Answers to these questions and a heck of a lot more in the comments during the game. We're past the point of speculation, and now it's time to perform. The offseason is finally over. We made it Chargers fans. We made it.

Editor's Note: I'm going to put this up before the Patriots/Bills game just so that you guys have a place to watch that and get excited for the Bolts game. You're welcome.