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Obvious Answers: English, Merriman and Adding to the Roster

Hey john, hows this arrest gonna play out for mondays game. I dont think anything but godell could come down hard, any thoughts....and, on that note, do you think that seals his fate as a charger for next year? - Jim D.

Luckily, this whole situation has been resolved before Monday's game.  However, since it's a Monday night game that doesn't mean Chargers fans won't have to sit through an entire re-telling of the story for the national audience.  I'm with Acee on Merriman staying or going.  As much as I found Shawne to be a very nice guy and don't think he's caused any major issues up to this point, I can certainly see how he doesn't fit the mold of player that A.J. Smith likes.  When you're trying to get signed to a big-money, long-term contract those things become very important.  I believe the best case scenario for Chargers fans is Shawne leaves after 2010 (either due to be a RFA or being franchised) instead of after 2009.


Two part question, I've been looking through all the cut down releases to find someone who could challenge for the backup tackle, nickel/dime corner spot.  For tackles I see Tony Pashos and Dameion Mcintosh.  For corners there's Eric Green, and Corey Ivy.  Are any of these guys worth picking up?  And the second part is if the chargers pick up someone to shore up their OL or secondary who do you think the first player to get dropped is? - catch22b

Considering the Chargers cut L.J. Shelton, a legitimate veteran backup Tackle, I think they're happy with their offensive line right now.  If an injury happens, I think Corey Clark gets brought up from the practice squad before the team goes searching through the scrap heap.  However, bringing back Shelton (who has yet to be signed) wouldn't be out of the question either.

Green and Ivy are both decent players, but there's a reason they were cut.  They're more expensive than rookies and offer little advantage over the young guys.  If the Chargers think they desperately need a 4th CB, Simeon Castille will be the first one that gets the call (since they're already paying him).  If one of our top 3 corners gets injured, then the team will start looking at free agent corners and see which one is the most ready to get significant time on the field.  Right now, don't concern yourself with it.

Since C.J. Spillman has already said that the team initially cut him, only to bring him back on the 53-man roster, he has to be considered the team's first option to get cut until he proves himself on the field.


What kind of an impact do you expect from Larry English early in the season?  Can we expect the pass rush packages with Phillips, Merriman, and English we heard about in training camp, or do you think English has more work to do to get on the field? - Hoot1969

Minimal in terms of numbers, but I expect a huge impact from Larry in the way of keeping Shaun and Shawne healthy and fresh.  For the season, I could see 10+ sacks from him, but I also see him gaining steam as the season goes along.

According to everything I've heard, the team hasn't even had time to try their "three-headed monster" package with English, Merriman and Phillips on the field at the same time because they've been trying to get English well-versed in the regular defensive schemes.  If I had to guess I'd say look for that three-headed monster package to show up in Pittsburgh a handful of times, and then for 4-8 plays each game afterward if it provides good results.  However, the better Kevin Burnett plays the harder it is to take him off the field for one of these pass-rushers.